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We take care of our team, because it takes care of us. As a member of the Chetu team, you are part of a large family. You can personalize these benefits to cater to your personal situation. The following are some of the many benefits offered by Chetu. To get more details, please contact our HR - Department.


Health Insurance
for Your Entire Family

Taking care of your loved ones is what you work hard for, and we recognize that your family’s health is the most important thing on your mind. We offload this burden by providing health insurance to you and your family. We got your family and parents covered. Health insurance of you and your family (You + Spouse + 2 Kids) is company sponsored, Additionally you can also get your parents covered in Health insurance under the aegis of Chetu Inc.

Skills Enhancement

We have a skill growth program that helps team members advance their current skillset. Under this program, team members can grow their technical skills and even change to a new technology. Aside from the training, we also reward team members with additional bonuses upon successful completion and adoption of their new skills. If you are motivated to get certified, we fully reimburse you for certain certifications.

Housing –
Subsidized Housing

We even pay for members ' housing rent. The member should rent, lease, or stay as a paying guest, in a place of their choice, either in 11 locations pre-mentioned by the company or within a 2-3 km radius from office premises. CHETU Pays- 50% of members' rental costs or up to ₹ 2000 / -every month.

Chetu Pays

Transportation –
Door-to-Door Cab

For the convenience and safety of our team, we offer door-to-door cab pickup and dropoff facilities. In addition, we pay for a portion of such facility.

Chetu Pays

Gratuity Bonus

Gratuity Bonus is a social benefit provided to our team members in compliance with governmental guidelines. To avail this benefit you must complete 5 years with the company.

The total Gratuity amount calculated as follow:

Extended Leaves

If one of our team members is undergoing a life-changing event and needs extended time off, Chetu offers them the convenience of long-term leaves (up to 3 months). During this period, Chetu guarantees their employment and continues select benefits including health insurance for the member and their family.

Extended leaves allow our members to not only handle such events but come back with rejuvenation and energy.

For the Unforeseen –
Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D)

Should an unforeseen event happen, Chetu offers Accidental Death and Disability insurance so that your family gets the assistance it needs. This benefit is optional for the team member.

Interest-Free Loan with
no EMI

We believe when unexpected needs for funds like getting a vehicle, fixing a home, attending to a sick relative etc. this benefit will come to the rescue.


Fast-Track Growth
Six-Month Appraisals

We have a unique benefit which is unheard of in the industry called “six-month appraisals.” This means that you will get a raise every six months. The raises are pretty good too. Of course, this is performance-based, but even an average person gets a good raise. The six-month raises means double the growth rate for your career, both professionally and financially.

Swift Promotions and Growth

For promotions into higher-level positions, it is our belief and policy to promote our own team members rather than hiring from outside. This opens doors for our talented members to grow into higher roles more quickly. Chetu provides opportunities for its members to take both permanent and temporary on-site assignments at any of our Global locations outside India.

Paid Vacations and Time Off
(Sick Days and Flex Days)

Our team members enjoy sick days and flexible time off that you can avail at any time.

In addition, depending on your tenure, you can accrue between 2 weeks to 5 weeks of paid vacations each year. Such vacation time rolls over from one year to another.

Food – Subsidized Lunch and

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with a relaxing zone within our cafeterias. Every day we serve our team with company-sponsored lunch and dinner. Better yet, it is all cashless and we pay 50% of your costs.

Chetu Pays

Retirement Planning

We know you work hard to build your nest egg so that when you retire you have enough to have a secure lifestyle. There might be situations where you need to catch up and save more for your retirement. We provide full contribution into your EPF fund.

In addition, we also offer (at your option) Voluntary Provident Fund contributions for you to catch up on your nest egg.

In Case of Financial Turbulence –
Interest-Free Loan

Sometimes events happen that may cause a financial strain on our team members, or they may be caught in a tough financial situation. To help our team, Chetu offers interest-free loans to its team members.

Employee Spouse Preference

Chetu gives special hiring preference to spouses of our team members. It is not just for any job, either. It’s a program that allows spouses to be considered for equal or better jobs within our company. Spouses may need to go through proper recruitment and vetting processes, in addition to the Chetu-provided skills training, to help guide them into their appropriate position.

Charity on Your Behalf

Through its charitable arm, the Chetu Foundation, Chetu actively implements its corporate social responsibility (CSR). In addition to executing charitable activities on our own, depending on the type of charitable giving, we match our team members’ donations to help the poor and needy.

Car Own/Lease Benefit

Owning a car has become a necessity, not a luxury. We have designed a Car Own/Lease benefit under which members can drive a vehicle of their preference and won't need to provide a substantial down payment. Instead, members pay a smaller amount in monthly installments/ EMI. Leased/Owned A Car benefit lets members own/lease their vehicle with an exempted-tax advantage.

Additional Perks

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